A strict lock-down should be at least 21 days, only then can victory over Corona be possible

Bhopal. The number of coronavirus infection patients is increasing every day, not only in the country, but in the world today, there are around 20 million patients of corona infections. The corona virus has taken the form of an epidemic, causing millions of people to die. All developed countries have succumbed to this epidemic. All measures to prevent this epidemic have proved to be useless.All the countries looked at the lock-down as well but no positive result came out as the rescue measures were taken it started spreading as fast as possible. Talking about India today, here the Prime Minister also saw the whole country going down together, even after this, there was no decrease in the infected here and in contrast thousands of corona infections increased every day. Today around 13 lakh corona patients have become patients in the country. Lockdown in this epidemic has resulted in economic loss to the countryAt the same time, poor and middle class families have been affected the most, while work in private sectors has been affected due to social distance, due to which thousands of people lost their jobs in private sectors today. At the same time, crores of rupees were spent in distribution of ration by the state and central government. It is very difficult to say how many days the epidemic will continue. Along with India, other developed and developing countries have started making vaccines for this epidemic. There is no result in the last four months.Although some treatment with plasma therapy has yielded good results, but it is not completely effective. Today the situation in the country has become such that whether the poor, the rich, the laborers, the politicians, even the ministers have not remained untouched by this epidemic.
Lock down should be strict
To prevent corona infection, the state government or the central government has adopted the easiest way to lock down whenever the government feels that the infection is failingDue to this lock-down, not only the state but also the people of every state of the country have been stricken. It is not that the public is not in favor of lock down. The public also wants to follow whatever is possible for this epidemic. Lockdown is not being followed properly or it is said that the administration is not able to get it done.
It should be that the administration needs to be strict during this time whenever the lock down is imposed. Such as no pass to be issued during lock down. During this time all private and government employees should also be included in the lock down. The doctor should be kept in the fever clinic or district hospital built in the zone and the corporation personnel should be arranged to remain in the ward office. Only police should be seen in the city. Or to provide a toll free number for medical assistance. When the people of the city remain imprisoned in their homes, then the contact will end. During this time, if a person is ill, he should be treated at the patient's homeAnd the family, which is found corona positive after investigation, should be treated at home. Or a lock should be put on her house from outside. Corona form should be put out. Necessary items should be provided to the family of the said infected. If needed, a policeman or any employee would be tortured outside the house. If a lock down is imposed in this way. Our time limit should be 21 to 25 daysBelieve that your country can succeed in eliminating Corona from all over the world. Because when a person will not come in contact with anyone, then the social distance will happen automatically. On the other hand, science says that corona virus survives 3 days on iron, 2 days on wood, 24 hours on paper, then it will also be eliminated in 21 days of lock down. The administration and government will have to be a bit strict to follow this. But the results will definitely be positive. Otherwise, the country's economic situation will be very bad in the coming timesWhich will take many years to recover, now it is counted in the developing country, lest it should join the backward. Government needs this or special attention. Otherwise, this country will go into the pit of poverty and hunger.

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